A Friend

A friend owns your heart Even though he gives it back Even when you are apart You know he’s got your back He’s a person who stays close by Even when you are acting stupid He encourages you when you are shy Or when you’re struck by cupid We may call lots of people friends […]


It is an act of utmost shame When honesty is sacrificed for fame And when a people follows a product For its name, not its conduct Alas, my people, you have become so Your minds, as malleable as dough You prefer a foreigner with no name To your countryman’s rightful claim And then you shamelessly […]


All is made of it It’s everything we see What we can do is submit To the world of energy It is very well known That the more energy you own And the more of it in you The more work you can do The principles of energy Govern the world around And things become […]


I am your purpose and your goal Work with me, I’ll make you whole Run away and you’ll regret forever All your existence, every endeavor I am your map to eternal bliss Walk with me or go amiss The further you venture from my path The harder you’ll feel destiny’s wrath The only way out […]