bulletBlessing of silver, wrapped in fire

End my life, burn my desire

There is no use in living again

When the last pursuit ended in vain

Should I put you through my head

As I lay on my deathbed

Or shall I send you through my heart

Already dead and torn apart

I thought this time it would change

And that destiny would rearrange

I thought that this was the love I awaited

Yet again, it got deflated

My dear bullet, my last hope

End it all so I can cope

Bring me the peace so I can rest

End this mockery which I detest

I want to cry, I wish I could

To ease the pain that I withstood

But nothing will change, there is no use

Romance is none but the heart’s abuse

When you love with all your being

And ignore the omens you are seeing

A bullet is your only cure

To end the torture you endure

Originally posted on January 13, 2018 @ 10:30 pm

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