Devil’s Pain

Hidden beyond time and space Vile one of demonic race Working in my mind since long Confusing all right and wrong Painful painless I can’t know Blinded by a demonic show Stabbed with every poisoned knife Not knowing what is real life A demon working in the veil Rendering life a treacherous fail Puncturing all […]

I Dream

I dream of a world as one united Regardless how people are divided Regardless of faith, gender or race Regardless of each one’s case I dream of a world where everyone can be True to themselves and truly free True in expressing their deepest feelings True in all of their varied dealings I dream of […]


I lurk in the dark waiting for you As you pass by your light shines through I crave your scent and your radiance I pray you grace me with your appearance Yet how can I pray and to whom? I am deathless and escaped doom I used to long for immortality When I got it, […]


Blessing of silver, wrapped in fire End my life, burn my desire There is no use in living again When the last pursuit ended in vain Should I put you through my head As I lay on my deathbed Or shall I send you through my heart Already dead and torn apart I thought this […]

All Over

I’ve been through countless lives I’ve traveled endless places I’ve been stabbed by countless knives And flew through endless spaces I’ve lived as a poor beggar And died as a wealthy king I’ve had rooms full of sugar And sirens which could sing I’ve had many daughters and sons And raised many dogs and cats […]