Charbel M. Tadros

Author, Website Designer at Brandpluss, Personality Development Coach, CEO at Future Academy, Immediate Past President of the Sydney Autism Community Lions Club. Media Manager at Oz Arab Media. President of AIM Association

Here’s to New Beginnings

beginIt is the universal trend,

That every story has an end

Yet each end is in itself the start

Of a new story and a work of art

Look forward to new twists and turns

Ever present as life’s candle burns

New adventures are on their way

And each will come on its own day

While some are fun and full of pleasure

Others may be sad with endings bitter

Yet each new start carries lessons

New experiences and new persons

And each new person could be a friend

Or may just not last till the end

But that’s ok, others will come

You win some, and you lose some

Yet the most important thing of all

Is that you rise after every fall

Don’t give up, and don’t give in

In the end, be sure you’ll win

So in this life full of ups and downs

With many hats and many crowns

As long as you breathe, count your blessings

And always embrace the new beginnings

Originally posted on September 30, 2020 @ 11:01 am


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