Charbel M. Tadros

Author, Website Designer at Brandpluss, Personality Development Coach, CEO at Future Academy, Immediate Past President of the Sydney Autism Community Lions Club. Media Manager at Oz Arab Media. President of AIM Association

A Divine Connection

fracFor all is one and one is all

What happens to one affects all

A little knock on a door

May lead to a total war

A small drop of water at sea

Can set a whole prison free

A gentle word by the morning light

Can lift the world to great delight

And that’s how the world connects

What happens and what reflects

And this is how the microcosm

Is one with the macrocosm

For what happens on a small scale

May start a never-ending tale

This is truly a miraculous place

Where strives the great human race

And yet we’ve never known

That this world is our own

And what we do today

May set the world astray

Originally posted on May 6, 2020 @ 4:37 am


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