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God on Trial

courts gavel1The jury of men assembled

Heaven and earth trembled

The judge of humans arrived

And the court’s noises died

This was not an ordinary trial

For the prosecution was Belial

He had devised a better plan

To overthrow the god of man

And finally god arrived resplendent

And took the seat of the defendant

“All rise”, the judge cried

Everyone in court complied

“Be seated,” he called again

And the trial was now open

Belial started his great attack

And knew that he had no way back

“You’ve thrown me out of my place,

And this has brought me great disgrace”

Stated Belial in furious aggression

Trying by this to rule the session

“You didn’t even give me a second chance,

As if you decided it in advance.

Your honor I demand my rights

It’s he who started all the fights!”

“What say you to this, God Almighty?”

Said the judge stroking his black goatee

“Your honor,” replied God in a gentle voice

“It is he who made that terrible choice…”

“Objection your honor!” cried Belial

Trying to face it with utter denial

“Overruled!” The judge replied

“We are listening to his side.”

And God continued with a smile

“I warned him not to do the act so vile

He never listened and didn’t care

He just went on with his affair.”

“What was the affair in question?”

Asked Belial in aggression

“You refused to praise my creation

And tempted them to their damnation!”

Replied God in total confidence

Very sure of his great defense

“I did it to show you that you were wrong

And that you were deluded all along.

You were so in love with your new toy

You couldn’t see that it can destroy

And when I showed you what it can do

You blamed me of being evil and untrue

You cast me alongside them to the earth below

And gave us punishments to undergo.

Your honor, this is not fair!”

Cried Belial and sat in his chair.

“What is the solution you propose?”

Wondered the judge touching his nose

“I demand a second chance for me,

As for the humans, we can see.”

Proposed the devil with an evil grin

Waiting for God’s answer to begin

“Your honor it had been done,

I gave them a chance and sent my son

He erased all their sins with his death

He loved them till his last breath

They murdered him in coldest blood

I could’ve wiped them with a flood!”

“Your son, you say?” Belial defied

The whole jury was on God’s side

But Belial had his trick prepared

A master plan to none compared

“How can you call people your children,

And say that you sent your son then?

If they are truly your children beloved

Then he’s not different!” Belial mocked

“Since he was your son as they all should be,”

Continued the devil pointing at the jury

“Any one of them could’ve easily saved them all

And restored them as though before their fall!

How is he different can you tell me Lord?”

Pursued Belial sounding bored

“I may call him son but he’s truly me

We are one as you all did see.”

Answered God in a matter of fact

Trying to make a good impact

But Belial was ready and clever

And he refused to give up ever

“That was not a second trial”

Blurted the devil in denial

“When you decide to try us again

You should send us all back to heaven

And then from there we can see

If anyone will touch your wicked tree.”

“I think we have enough to decide,”

Interrupted the judge looking to the side

“The jury will provide their verdict in a while

And I pray, don’t be so hostile.”

And the verdict was in and everyone waited

The judge looked at in and then stated

“The jury finds the defendant guilty

And God has to apply the devil’s plea.

Everyone should be restored to paradise

Free of charge, without a price.”

God laughed and then disappeared

And then, as though a mist has cleared

Belial and the jury realized

That heaven was as earth disguised

They had never been banished from it

But they had deemed themselves unfit

Then Belial disappeared as well

And the people were awakened from the spell

They realized that it all was a legend

And they had nothing to repair or mend

They had been in heaven all the time

But through all their war and crime

They ruined the heaven that they were given

Though all their sins were always forgiven

Now they could see the world anew

And live their lives pure and true

Originally posted on May 6, 2020 @ 5:17 am


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