Charbel M. Tadros

Author, Website Designer at Brandpluss, Personality Development Coach, CEO at Future Academy, Immediate Past President of the Sydney Autism Community Lions Club. Media Manager at Oz Arab Media. President of AIM Association

A Friend

friendship day smsA friend owns your heart

Even though he gives it back

Even when you are apart

You know he’s got your back

He’s a person who stays close by

Even when you are acting stupid

He encourages you when you are shy

Or when you’re struck by cupid

We may call lots of people friends

And we may believe it’s true

But in truth, they may be fiends

And soon, with us, are through

But a true friend remains

Even when you are weak

He lifts you out of your pains

And cheers you up when all is bleak

A friend takes you as you may be

With all your pros and cons

He sets the good habits in you free

While he helps you break the negative ones

And when you are sad for no good reason

He just knows it without you speaking

He will do anything short of changing the season

Just to see you again laughing

In the end, a little thank you

To all the friends I have by me

I know most of you are true

Despite the handful I can be

Originally posted on September 15, 2020 @ 9:47 am


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