vampireI lurk in the dark waiting for you

As you pass by your light shines through

I crave your scent and your radiance

I pray you grace me with your appearance

Yet how can I pray and to whom?

I am deathless and escaped doom

I used to long for immortality

When I got it, all I wanted was finality

What was I living for? Nothing made sense

This burden called life was immense

I lived for feeding and for lust

Lest I crumbled back to dust

I may be deathless, but death I fear

I rush for life when the end gets near

Yet when the hunger was gone

I felt depressed, all alone

That was my life if you must know

I lived in the dark, out of the flow

I had no friends, only foes

I had no joys, only woes

Yet it all changed when you appeared

My vision sharpened, my head cleared

When I fell in love, all fell in place

My soul stopped floating in endless space

My spirit started revolving around your heart

You truly are a work of art

My heart started beating again

My breaths are no longer in vain

Originally posted on December 5, 2017 @ 9:26 pm

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