I dream of a world as one united

Regardless how people are divided

Regardless of faith, gender or race

Regardless of each one’s case

I dream of a world where everyone can be

True to themselves and truly free

True in expressing their deepest feelings

True in all of their varied dealings

I dream of a world where everyone will give

All of their best to all who live

All of themselves to the greater good

All of their energy and be understood

I dream of a world where true love rules

Not in romance but in schools

Not as lust but as boundless giving

Not to self but to those found needing

I dream of a world where there is balance

So true teachers work without defiance

So people can reach their highest selves

So arsenals are replaced by bookshelves

I dream of a world where dreams come true

Where people are trusted to pull through

Where people connect with synchronicity

Where friendship is not just an act of pity

I dream of such a world and know

That if I can teach another to follow the flow

And he teaches another to do the same

We can finally heaven reclaim

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