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Shattered Gods Chronicles #4: agents of order and chaos

yin yang

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The four elements of earth, water, wind and fire are neutral parts of existence. They are neither good nor evil, yet they can be used for either. Moreover, good and evil do not exist per se, for what actually exists are order and chaos; however, these two are neither good nor evil themselves in the human definition. Too much of one and too little of another is what can be considered evil. People often mistake order with good and chaos with evil, although these are just as neutral of the elements, for the elements are borne of them.

The Yin Yang symbol is perhaps the best illustration of the principles of order and chaos. If one overcomes the other, the other is borne again from the vanquisher. What separates between order and chaos in the Yin Yang is a curved line and not a straight one; this is to reaffirm that the only true balance between these forces is the lack thereof. Each force is always attempting to take a bit more of the other, and this is what keeps both forces active. If either of the forces becomes content, the other will devour it. Therefore, the only balance that can exist is a healthy dose of both forces.

While these two forces manifest themselves in nature through the elements, they also manifest themselves through people through their elemental personalities. Some personality combinations are more prone to one force than another; for example, a person who has high levels of fire and wind personalities is more easily influenced by chaos, while a person whith high levels of water and earth sways more towards order. People in whom these imbalances are manifested are agents of chaos and order respectively, and the higher levels of each personality they have in them, the more dangerous they are for the general balance of the world.

In order to diminish the agents of order and chaos’ effect on the general balance, angels and Allpatheists can pair up agents of order with agents of chaos and make them work together. If they work together long enough – even if they are coaxed into it – the temperaments of one will eventually rub off on another which will diminish the high levels in both through promoting the emergence of the missing elements in each. In doing so, more angels can be created.

On the other hand, if left to their own means, agents of order will band with other agents of order and the same goes for agents of chaos, and this is detrimental for the general balance. This has been seen many times thourghout history: the communist era was a collaboration between many agents of order, while the Nazi era was a collaboration between agents of chaos. Each of these eras called upon the intervention of many angels in an avatar capacity to inject the opposite of the force being abused.

In conclusion, agents of order and agents of chaos are the opposite of angels, and they need to be identified and managed by angels before causing imbalances that call upon the intervention of avatars.

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