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7 Easy Ways to Create and Grab Synchronicities (Destined Coincidences) in your Life

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carl jung synchronicity thinking minds 300x179How many weird surprises do you get every day? Have you thought of a friend you haven’t seen for years and had him suddenly cross your path the very next day? Have you experienced a sense of Déjà vu? Are their some number patterns you keep seeing everywhere like 11:11? Most people would shrug these off as weird coincidences which have no meaning; however, for those of us on the spiritual path, we know that they are called Synchronicities, and they are probably the most important signposts to our destiny and our personal evolution.

destinedThe term “synchronicity” was first coined by Jung to describe events happening at the same time with a psychic or supernatural connection. James Redfield also covered them extensively in the Celestine Prophecy and Vision. I also wrote about it a lot in my best-seller “The Destined Journey” However, in more plain terms that we can all understand, imagine that your life’s path is a GPS program. Before you start your journey, you (or the universe) tell it where you’d like to go. Accordingly, the GPS plots your course in the easiest and most convenient route. As you go along, the program will tell you which turn to take and when. If you follow the directions, you get to your destination with almost no hassle. However, if you intentionally or accidentally miss a turn, the GPS replots your course; however, this time it’s longer and a bit more difficult. The more signposts you miss, the longer and harder your journey becomes. It’s almost the same in life: synchronicities are the directions that the GPS gives you. You can either grab them and live a spiritually successful life, or you can ignore them and get into some hardships. Also, just like a GPS, when you are closer to a destination, you get more directions so that you don’t miss it. Therefore, when an objective is near, you get more and more synchronicities. In this article, we are going to discuss various ways of grabbing synchronicities.

dejavu#1: Déjà vu and Strange Number Patterns

Many people around the world experience Déjà vu often. Many scientists have attempted to explain it; however, there haven’t been any sure reasons so far… and there probably won’t be. On the other hand, synchronistically speaking, a Déjà vu, just like a strange number pattern, is simply trying to tell you to pay attention. It is not a synchronicity per se, it’s more of a warning message, like when the GPS tells you to slide right it a few hundred meters so that you don’t miss your exit. Likewise, a Déjà vu is just telling you that a synchronicity is coming soon, so recharge your energy and pay attention.

#2: Synchronistic Meetings

coincOn many occasions, you run into people you haven’t seen in a long time after having been thinking of them recently. This means that there should be an exchange of information between you and that person; however, it doesn’t mean that you will always get something out of it. Sometimes, you’re simply supposed to give a message to that person. The best way to insure that the message is delivered is to first, work up the courage to talk to that person, and second, listen with LOVE, which we will discuss in point #3.

#3: LOVE

File Oct 12 1 05 26 PMLOVE stands for Lots Of Valuable Energy, and it is the main key for unlocking the meaning of synchronicities. When you sense that a synchronicity is coming up or when you actually are in a synchronicity, pay attention to those around you and give them LOVE. Put yourself in the mind frame of being there for that person and giving 100% of yourself to help them. This will not only make you feel great, but it may also hold a crucial piece of information for your journey (and/or theirs).

#4: Courage

interrupSeeing a synchronicity may sometimes be easy, but grabbing it isn’t. Usually, the main reason behind this difficulty is lack of courage. For example, say you’re on the bus and you hear a couple discussing a topic that you are either deeply interested in or have just been thinking about. This is a synchronicity, and it means that you should join their conversation. However, the ego starts to play its little games and gets you to feel overly self-conscious. The shyer you are, the more difficult it becomes, and you end up missing out on a synchronicity. Instead, fill yourself with LOVE and jump into the conversation. What’s the worst that can happen? They would shun you out or say something rude. That’s the maximum they can do; however, this would be very rare. In most cases, when you are volunteering important information, you would be more than welcome in the conversation and more synchronicities would happen. You may also meet your next close friend.

#5: Intuition

intuitionSometimes you get a strong urge to do something or call someone. That person may also be someone you don’t know, or even a celebrity. With the help of our old friend Google, you can easily find a way to send a message to that person. Your message doesn’t need to be specific. It may just be something like “I have a feeling you may be interested in this topic. If you are, feel free to contact me.” Simple and easy. As for the ego’s games, the worst thing that can happen here is that you don’t get an answer. At least you tried, and you put yourself out there. In fact, I have used this same strategy a few weeks ago. I have a friend who is a cancer survivor and a tremendous motivational speaker (check him out here). While I was at the supermarket, there was a rerun of a prime time TV show. When I saw the ad, I had the urge to send them a message about my friend, and I promptly did. The very next day, I got a call from them telling me that they were looking for a person like him for an episode they are working on. Synchronicities may not happen as quickly all the time, but the more you grab them, the more you get them.

#6: Stay Positive

stay PositiveOn some occasions, the direct result of grabbing a synchronicity may be something seemingly negative. For example, you follow your intuition while driving and take a certain turn in the road, and it leads you to have an accident. This doesn’t mean that you’re on the wrong track; it may be just another part of your journey. That’s when you should calm down, eliminate blame, fill yourself with LOVE, and pay attention. The accident itself may be a negative experience, but you may learn something you needed or meet an important person in your journey because of it.

tarot#7: Divination

Sometimes in your life you may reach a crossroads and don’t know where to go; this is when divination comes in handy. However, what I mean by divination is not fortunetelling, for the true purpose of divination is not to tell the future, but to get another glimpse into the present from a different perspective. Decide beforehand what your favorite form of divination may be and stick to it. You don’t need to follow the complex rules that the charlatans of fortunetelling use; just fill yourself with LOVE and keep it simple. Trust yourself and your intuition, and don’t ask someone else to interpret it for you (unless you have the intuition that you should). Try and see what it means to you and how it answers your question and your current situation. Based on that information, make your choice, keep moving, and remember point #6.

File Oct 07 4 14 16 PMIn conclusion, when you look at your life backwards, you will be able to see how synchronicities have been helping you all along unconsciously. You will also be able to see how many synchronicities you have missed and learn from them so that you don’t miss any other in the future. Just remember to grab every chance you get, and allow the will of the universe to be done through you afterwards. Have a great ride full of LOVE!

Have you been getting many synchronicities in your life? Let me know in the comments.

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