Charbel M. Tadros

Author, Website Designer at Brandpluss, Personality Development Coach, CEO at Future Academy, Immediate Past President of the Sydney Autism Community Lions Club. Media Manager at Oz Arab Media. President of AIM Association

The Gift of Death

deathIt is the dreadful enemy

Of many people everywhere

To others it’s a plea

Through which they escape despair

Death is a part of life

Surrounded by pain and strife

But in fact is the salvation

From the clutch of desperation

It is change that we truly fear

To lose the life we hold so dear

Even if this life is hard

We rarely seem to use this card

For we fear what’s behind

The veil of darkness unperturbed

We don’t know what we’ll find

Behind the darkness undisturbed

But there is really nothing scary

And we don’t have to be wary

For after death there are new dreams

In a life more supreme

Death is a great gift

A chance to start again

Our energies to lift

And more of life to obtain

Death and life are not opposites

They are two consecutive roads

Just like peaks and pits

They are tied in strong nodes

Death is the final kiss

After our life we miss

It is a chance to restore

And a new life explore

Originally posted on October 24, 2020 @ 10:38 am


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