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Dealing with Karma


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We’ve all heard that Karma means that what goes around comes around; however, a deeper understanding of Karma can help clarify many things. In addition to that, once a person understands the true workings of Karma, one can more easily know when Karma was incurred and what needs to be done in order to finish it.

To begin with, Karma is a Sanskrit word that means “work”. Even though it has gone on to take a more spiritual connotation, it is always good to remember that the physical and spiritual worlds mimic one another, so physical and spiritual karma are the same, which means that they can also be interchanged. Since Karma means work, when we say that each person is born with Karma, it means that each person is born with work to do or with a mission to accomplish. If you want to understand more about finding out what you purpose is, you can check out this article. We can go on to say that everything in existence has karma, from the smallest dust particle to the largest star.

Karma is a thing or person’s reason for existence, and when Karma is finished, that person or thing moves on to become part of something or someone else’s Karma. And this is why everyone is born with Karma. Even though it does come from a “past life”, it’s not necessary for it to come from just one other person’s life; it can be a mixture of many. Sometimes, when a person’s life reaches an untimely end, and when that person’s karma is still too much, there is a chance for that person to be reincarnated more or less wholly. This is when past-life memories can be accessed; otherwise, the pool of karma exisiting in each person comes from many people and things, which makes accessing past-life memories not only difficuly, but useless. This is why I usually recommend against past life regression therapies.
There is more chance for Karma to be passed down from parents to children, which is why some children inherit the behaviours and interests of ancestors that they have sometimes never met. This is normal if we compare it with the physical counterpart of Karma: if a father’s goal is to build a building of ten stories, and he was only able to finish off five during his lifetime, it is only normal for the remaining five to become the responsibility of one or more of his children and grandchildren until the building is complete. The more stories they build, the less karma they have left; however, if they destroy stories instead of build them, they actually incur more karma, for they have to rebuild what they have destroyed. In addition to that, it is harder to build after a destruction, especially if it’s done recklessly. And it’s the same with Karma: if you go against it, you incur more of it, and you need to make it up.

At this point, and before we move on to dealing with Karma, it is important to understand where it actually comes from. As we explained before, Karma is a thing or person’s reason for existence; but how is that reason decided? If we take a long view at the history of the universe, we can always see that it’s going in the direction of betterment and evolution despite everything else that happens in between such as wars and other catastrophes. While these do push us back karmically, there are always people who work on making up that effect, even though it may take a bit long. In the end, when all Karma’s finished, true and final peace will be found… but we still have a long way to go, and because of human free-will, we do take some steps forward, but we still have some steps back too. Religions have described this state as “bliss”, “nirvana”, “heaven”, “the kingdom of god”, and other things.

But you don’t have to worry about the universe’s Karma now, just yours. Karma works like a credit system: while you do have work that only you can do, there is a lot that can be made up in different ways, especially by paying it forward. By helping people around you and doing your moral and ethical duty, you get rid of your karma; however, when you ignore it and do something else, you create more karma for yourself. Moreover, if you go the extra mile, you actually earn credit which the universe usually uses to bring good people into your life to help you with your Karma.

It is always better to choose to deal with Karma by paying it forward because you would be choosing how and when to do it; however, the longer you ignore Karma and go against it, the more it builds up until it reaches critical mass. This is when it forces you to face it, and you won’t like it because you won’t be given a choice in that matter. When big problems and catastrophes occur in your life, know that it’s your Karma, and deal with it head on. Don’t just drown in misery and blame it on bad luck or karma; deal with it, and find a solution. However, always work to avoid letting karma reach that critical mass.

Sometimes, Karma is visited upon you through someone else whom you may perceive as an enemy. It is important to understand that you shouldn’t attack the messenger, no matter how bad they may be. You need to face the karma and resolve it; otherwise, it will follow you. This is why sometimes a problem you have avoided before comes back later, either through the same or different people, yet it has the same feeling. It’s because the lesson or the task you were supposed to accomplish through this karma is yet to be completed. Moreover, you need to avoid seeking revenge at all costs. Remember that the Karma that was visited upon you by someone else, no matter how wicked they may seem, is your personal Karma. If you seek revenge against the person who is visiting that karma upon you, you actually create more karma for yourself because you wouldn’t have dealt with the problem, but contributed to its growth. Instead, accept it and deal with it, and if you actually accomplish that task, you will see how your agressor’s karma will catch up with them, and it will usually be even worse than any revenge that you could’ve incurred.

In conclusion, the only way to overcome your Karma is by facing it, learning its lesson and resolving it. Once you put yourself in a mindframe of dealing with karma, it may begin as a difficult phase in your life; however, once you have appropriately dealt with it, things start getting better and easier.

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