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Where is God?

we need to stop looking for god and start seeing him

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Where is god?

(I’m not talking about any particular religious entity or religious god. I am talking about the universal creative force in general.)

This is perhaps one of the most asked questions of all time. People have been asking it ever since they discover that they had the power to ask questions. It is probably the reasons questions were invented to begin with. However, the real question that we should be asking is not, “where is god?”.

It should be, “where isn’t god?”

According to almost all definitions of god or the divine, god is an all powerful entity, which means that he is able to do absolutely anything, and also he is able to be absolutely anything.

Unfortunately, in our quest to find god, we fail to see the obvious. God is everything and everywhere. Every spec of dust is made of god, for no matter how many times you split the infinite, it remains infinite. And it’s the same with god: he is everything and is in everything.

To make things easier, we can liken god to energy. Everything in the world is made of it (check my poem about energy here.) The screen you are looking at now is made of molecules. These are made of atoms, which are made of protons, electrons and neutrons. These are made of smaller and smaller particles until, eventually, we reach their most basic level: energy. And yet, when we reach this level, we realize something: it’s all the same energy, and it’s all connected. The whole world is energy connected to energy through energy.

And it’s the same with god, for “that which is above, is from that which is below” (you can check out more about the Emerald Tablets here.)

The whole world is made of god connected to god through god.

Can you see it now?

Originally posted on September 19, 2020 @ 11:05 am


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