Charbel M. Tadros

Author, Website Designer at Brandpluss, Personality Development Coach, CEO at Future Academy, Immediate Past President of the Sydney Autism Community Lions Club. Media Manager at Oz Arab Media. President of AIM Association

A Hope of Love

hurricane heartSo great is the feeling of love

But greater is its hope

So high is the heaven above

But higher is its slope

Falling in love is effortless

Getting the other is what’s hard

All will be easy unless

You’re met with disregard

But lucky you are when life

Looks at your work and strife

And sees that you deserve a chance

To participate in love’s romance

Many angels will show up for you

And they will show you that love is true

But one will always stand out

One to whom you’ll be devout

And then the ride begins

Through it all your head spins

And then everything stops

And that’s when your heart drops

But the feeling comes and lifts it again

But it also rewires your brain

It makes you seek love in all its forms

In the breeze and in the storms

You get lost and so confused

Even in places to which you’re used

Just when you know where you are

Your destination appears so really far

Alas that’s what love feels like

A lovely rose with a deadly spike

But if the spike doesn’t kill you

Love will never show you what is true

Originally posted on October 15, 2020 @ 9:01 am


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