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The Allpatheist Guide to Finding and Aiding Angels


Allpatheists know that, while the purpose of life is its enjoyment, each Allpatheist has a sacred duty to locate angels within their communities and lend them any assistance possible. In addition to this, Allpatheists know that the capacity to help the angel they find will never ask them to go beyond their personal capabilities. They should never severely inconvenience themselves just to assist the angels, for that goes against the trend of the universe. As an Allpatheist, you need to know full well that whatever the angels need on their missions is well within your power; otherwise, you may call upon the aid of others – Allpatheists or not – within your network who may be able to offer that aid. In all cases, Allpatheists will never use force or guile in order to help angels, for these actions will incur more karma than they resolve. Allpatheists always act with honesty and a light touch.

In order to locate angels, Allpatheists simply live their normal lives within the communities where they find themselves. While doing that, Allpatheists – just like other people – may meet new people every day. When the Allpatheist’s skills match the needs of an angel, the universe will make them cross paths. As humans, Allpatheists are prone to make mistakes and may misidentify angels, but if the four angelic signs are located, the chances of incorrect identification are diminished. The four angelic signs are, as with everything else, connected to the four elements, and they are the following:

1- The first sign that you are in the presence of an angel is usually an unexplainable attraction to a candidate-angel’s character, along with an inner drive to be a part of whatever they are doing.

2- After inquiring further into the candidate-angel’s mission, the Allpatheist will be able to identify at least one way in which he can assist without having to go out of his way too much or inconveniencing himself and his family.

3- The candidate-angel will already have taken practical and observable steps in working on his mission. The mission should not just be a rough draft but an actual work in progress.

4- While having enough knowledge about his mission, the angel will also have humility and a sense of innocence around them. This is called the Mark of Wisdom.

Once Allpatheists have been able to identify and observe these four signs clearly in a candidate-angel, then this person is almost surely an angel, and it is the Allpatheist’s duty to lend whatever assistance is possible. This assistance may take many forms including supplying missing knowlege, using the Allpatheist’s skills in accomplishing the angel’s goals, drawing upon the Allpatheist network for assistance, and introducing the angel to people who may be able to help whether they are Allpatheists or not. Each angel’s mission is different and may call upon more than what is listed above; however, one rule remains standing: the Allpatheist shall never severely inconvenience himself for the angel’s mission.

While assisting in an angel’s mission, Allpatheists need to always be aware of their egos and never get too involved in the angel’s mission; otherwise, it may become corrupted and cease to be the angel’s mission. An Allpatheist is there as a mentor or an advisor but never as a leader, for that is the angel’s job.

In the end, while working with angels, Allpatheists will never try to recruit the angels to Allpatheism; however, when angels do ask why they are getting this assistance for free, Allpatheists can explain what our path is. Afterwards, if an angel would like to become an Allpatheist, they are welcome but never forced.

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