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Shattered Gods Chronicles #3: when avatars move

Before reading this, make sure you read parts 1 and 2 also.


The existence of angels in the world is very important, for they tackle community problems before they become world issues. However, these small world imbalances may not always be solved by the angels, or they may be too big for them. When elemental imbalances become too much to handle they evolve into catastrophic proportions of order versus chaos. In these instances, the solution is out of the angels’ hands and into the avatars’.

Avatars come in many shapes, sizes and configurations. While some religions believe that an avatar is one person who is the incarnation of a god, Allpatheism believes that an avatar isn’t always just one person. Sometimes, avatars are groups or coalitions of angels working together to restore balance to the world. Usually, only one of the angels in this group becomes famous; however, upon further studying the biography and works of this individual, it becomes clear that they wouldn’t have reached far on their own without the support of a select group of angels around them.

Most avatars that we know of such as Krishna, Rama, Buddha, Jesus, and many others never worked alone; they were always surrounded by disciples who believed in their teachings and worked for their cause. Without the support of the disciples (who are actually angels coming together), the perceived avatar wouldn’t have been able to get too far. Therefore, the avatar is actually the group and not the individual.

This would make more sense on a spiritual level since angels have higher balanced levels of energies from all four gods. Once they come together, these energies amplify beyond the sum total of each angel’s energy, and with enough of it concentrated in a single place, change happens.

No one knows when avatars come; moreover, the world as we know it now is becoming bigger on some fronts and smaller on others. Our consciousness is expanding beyond our solar system while our connection with those around us is becoming faster. Technology is reshaping our world and our very configuration, and archaic religions are becoming obsolete as they reflect the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of an age that is quickly vanishing. It is now evident that the next avatar will have a wider reach and a faster connection with people. With today’s technology, the avatar group of angels will be bigger and more powerful than ever before, and it will perform feats similar to the gods’ because of the concentration and the amplification of the energies of all these angels.

The advent of the avatar is preceeded by many signs; however, the most important one of all is general unrest in the world. With agents of order and agents of chaos having reached high places in the world, the pendulum is quickly swinging between extreme order and extreme chaos every day. The angels are doing everything they can to restabilise the world, but it’s becoming more and more difficult. Eventually, they will come together as the next avatar.

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