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Pisces (February 18 – March 20) Tarot Forecast 2020


You will have a bumpy year ahead if you continue going down the same path you are on already. The general theme of 2020 for you is hiding from the truth; however, the only one who’s not seeing that truth is you. Your year will start with you spending more and more time and money on things and people that don’t matter; however, as you realise this waste in February, you will learn a valuable life lesson which will help you understand a betrayal set to happen in March. While this betrayal sounds awful, it is actually for your own benefit, and you need to accept and face it head on so that you can move on. If you try to seek justice in May, there is a big chance that it will backfire; instead, allow the universe and karma to take its toll. If you stay your course in July, no matter how tempting it is to follow the flow, you would be able to save yourself a lot of trouble and emerge triumphant in September. That’s when you will be able to open your heart again and try better things; however, remember to remain honest to yourself above everything else, and don’t become a slave to your emotions or to society’s pressure, for this will lead you nowhere.

Originally posted on December 26, 2019 @ 4:19 am


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