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Pisces (February 18 – March 20) Tarot Forecast 2019


Despite the fact that Pisces are striving not to take sides at the beginning of the year with a  problem that has been bothering you from before, you will quickly find that your betrayal by one group quickly lands you the top spot in the other group in March as you unmask yourself and reveal your true power to everyone. When things get resolved around May, you will need togo deeper in reflection as you embrace the new you and your new position. Do not be fooled by those who flatter you because they are only in awe of your newfound power. Avoid overindulging in any drama and your star will rise even higher in September; however, don’t get too lax with those around you as this may open you for one more betrayal. A death or departure in December will bring you plenty of relief. The main theme of your year is family strife, so be careful around your family members since they are not what they seem. My advice to you is to master your ego and not to delve too deep in your own dramatic personality. Instead, take things in strides and be like a shooting star.

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Originally posted on November 30, 2019 @ 8:57 am


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