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Book Review: The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield

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To some it may sound like blasphemy, but The Celestine Prophecy has been a bible for me for the past seven or eight years. This book is magic in itself because it starts working and reshaping your life as soon as you start reading it.

It is a spiritual novel by James Redfield written from the first person’s perspective, and it takes us on a physical and spiritual journey in Peru mainly. Although reviews abound about the poor writing style, the true value of this book is it the translation of spiritual insights into real life experiences. Therefore, one can argue that the writing style is only used thus to simplify matters and make it more accessible to a wider number of readers.

The spiritual message behind The Celestine Prophecy is divided into nine insights which are unlocked and experienced in sequence as the author moves forward in his adventure. In my opinion, the most important of these insights is the first one which is synchronicity, for it governs all the others. In addition to that, as soon as you understand the meaning of synchronicity, you automatically start experiencing it more and more in your own life. Subsequent insights deal more with how to find and deal with more and more synchronicities in order to find your true destiny in life.

The best book to complement and make fuller sense of The Celestine Prophecy is The Celestine Vision. It’s a more in-depth guide of all the insights. It explains each insight in full detail and helps readers see and deal with them in their personal lives. q? encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=US&ASIN=0446675237&ServiceVersion=20070822&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&Format= SL250 &tag=charbeltadros 20ir?t=charbeltadros 20&l=am2&o=1&a=0446675237

Disregarding the genius behind The Celestine Prophecy, the most magical thing about it is that it’s a book that doesn’t end on its last page… and I’m not talking about the fact that it has sequels. What I’m talking about is that this book keeps going and going, only you become the main character now as it starts reshaping your life as a fuller and much more meaningful adventure.

In addition to that, we also need to mention that a movie has been made about The Celestine Prophecy. It is a nice effort, but of course not as great as the book. However, for those who find it easier to imagine more after watching a movie, this may help.

For all spiritual seekers out there, The Celestine Prophecy is a book that screams “START HERE”. In its light, things will make a lot more sense and life becomes deeper. Also, if you want to read something similar to The Celestine Prophecy, you can check out my The Destined Journey!

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