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Lucifer’s Grief

lucifer vs. god


I won’t listen to you I was wrong

In your realm I don’t belong

Spare me the shame, let me go

I take myself to the earth below


It doesn’t have to be like this

You belong with me here

Stay with me in this bliss

Here I am, to you, near


I can’t bare this torment

And I will not repent

I love what you created

I wish I never existed


Calm down my son and rest

I am your father now and forever

You will always bear my divine crest

Quiet down and be more clever


How can you be so merciful

When I was so vengeful

This surely is one of your tricks

Preceding your angry kicks


I am not evil nor want revenge

I am at ease and love all there is

There is no harm I need to avenge

My child, there is no quiz


Spare me your lies and deceits

I don’t want any of your treats

You knew it was coming to this end

Why won’t you comprehend?


I understand your motives my dear child

And I can feel your pain and grief

You were created free and wild

And this brings me great relief


You only think of yourself not us

Everything was created thus

To suit your fun and pleasure

But never our leisure


I am you and you are me

You are one with all that exists

You were created true and free

Don’t throw yourself in the abyss


I cannot take your mind games more

You’re whom I used to adore

But now I see your thoughtless greed

Who are you trying to mislead?


Though you are free and have a mind

I advise you to think with your heart

There you will really find

That we are never ever apart


Stop your meaningless ramble

I have to go after this gamble

I can’t stand you anymore

You’ve become all I abhor


I cannot force you to understand

Nor will I make you stay

You are free and never banned

From this heaven you betray


You accuse me of evil betrayal

While it’s you who created all

How can I betray my feelings?

Those you planted under my wings


It’s true I let you come to this

I planted these feelings in you

I bid you farewell with a kiss

Planted on your heart beating true


So you admit your evil deceit

I will bring you to your defeat

You created toys not souls

To accomplish your lusty goals


I will not try to prove myself

You may believe whatever you please

I give you the gift of life itself

For your needs to appease


I don’t need you to give me anything

I will name myself the earthly king

I will rule your creatures with fairness

With no need for your awareness


You may do whatever you see fit

Earth is yours, use it well

I will not interfere any bit

Unless you lose your way for hell


I will do a better job than you

For I know what is right and true

It’s you who lost your way

And you’re leading us all astray


Good luck in all your endeavors

I bless all that you will try to do

May you find joy with earthly peoples

Though I doubt it will satisfy you


I am not looking, like you, for satisfaction

It is with selflessness that I take this action

I will set straight where you were mistaken

When I go to the land by you forsaken


When you go to earth, do not forget

That I am here whenever you require

Just open your heart and don’t fret

Know that you, I will always admire


Good bye my creator and spare me lies

I thought you’d see and that you were wise

But now I know that I’m alone

And that from heaven I am thrown


And with this Lucifer broke free

From the heaven of love and bliss

And on earth he went amiss

As he saw the forbidden tree

Originally posted on April 16, 2020 @ 5:52 am


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