Category: Poetry

Last Goodbye

If death were to knock my door tomorrow Would I leave a trail of dreadful sorrow Filled with regret, confusion and pain And pursuits which were extremely vain? If I were to leave this mortal world Would I leave affairs

The Gift of Death

It is the dreadful enemy Of many people everywhere To others it’s a plea Through which they escape despair Death is a part of life Surrounded by pain and strife But in fact is the salvation From the clutch of

Devil’s Pain

Hidden beyond time and space Vile one of demonic race Working in my mind since long Confusing all right and wrong Painful painless I can’t know Blinded by a demonic show Stabbed with every poisoned knife Not knowing what is

God on Trial

The jury of men assembled Heaven and earth trembled The judge of humans arrived And the court’s noises died This was not an ordinary trial For the prosecution was Belial He had devised a better plan To overthrow the god

Almost Time

So great is the sin of man Hoping to sum life in a can Hoping to own everything While he leaves with nothing So dreadful is man’s lust That love is no longer a must For making love is just

Imaginary Memories

Some people crave to remember Their memories of a deceased member Some people pray to totally forget Memories of disastrous regret And yet there are others Who ignored the good advice Given by their brothers And it came at a

Freedom and Religion

Brainwashed to think you’re free By men who think they know They lead you on and you follow While all you are is a devotee They think of you as a sheep in a flock While you follow on and

A Truth in Love

Some people in love fall Others drop out of it Some people try to fix it Others don’t bother at all To some it’s full of action To others it’s satisfaction To some it’s imposed fate To others it’s a

Here’s to New Beginnings

It is the universal trend, That every story has an end Yet each end is in itself the start Of a new story and a work of art Look forward to new twists and turns Ever present as life’s candle

The Beauty Within

Have you ever seen someone so ugly And yet, when you got to know them truly They turned out more beautiful than you imagined As if their features changed with the wind? And have you ever known someone good looking