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Wounds come in shapes and sizes More that anyone realizes There are those of the body and mind And those that none can really find Wounds of the body are easiest to heal A drop of balm would help them



It is an act of utmost shame When honesty is sacrificed for fame And when a people follows a product For its name, not its conduct Alas, my people, you have become so Your minds, as malleable as dough You



Blessing of silver, wrapped in fire End my life, burn my desire There is no use in living again When the last pursuit ended in vain Should I put you through my head As I lay on my deathbed Or

All Over


I’ve been through countless lives I’ve traveled endless places I’ve been stabbed by countless knives And flew through endless spaces I’ve lived as a poor beggar And died as a wealthy king I’ve had rooms full of sugar And sirens

Life’s Beginning


A mystery to all men around How life spurred from the ground How light turned into matter And silence turned to clatter In the beginning there was none But in truth there was one In him everything existed From him



I lurk in the dark waiting for you As you pass by your light shines through I crave your scent and your radiance I pray you grace me with your appearance Yet how can I pray and to whom? I

A Hope of Love

hurricane heart

So great is the feeling of love But greater is its hope So high is the heaven above But higher is its slope Falling in love is effortless Getting the other is what’s hard All will be easy unless You’re

Weight a Minute

feet on scales for weight loss

We arrived at a desolate stage Where a number other than age Defines who we are and what we mean And ruins our mood, previously serene Whether it is too high or too low Mentioning it deals a heavy blow

Lucifer’s Grief

lucifer vs. god

Lucifer I won’t listen to you I was wrong In your realm I don’t belong Spare me the shame, let me go I take myself to the earth below God It doesn’t have to be like this You belong with

The Great Quantum World

Quantum physics with its miracles Amazed and surprised the oracles None expected that our reality Would be more of a mentality All these experiments defy the real Or what we believe that we feel But in truth it helps reveal