Author: Charbel Tadros

Book Review: Retrospect by Timothy Harris

retrospect by timothy harris

When you blend quirky humor, fast-paced action and an interesting plot, you get Retrospect by Timothy Harris. Set in the city of Brisbane, Australia in the not-so-far future, Retrospect takes us through the story of Noah and his friends who

What to Give when you can’t Give

There are only three things which increase when shared: love, wisdom and happiness.

Christmas is around the corner, and there is perhaps no better time dedicated to giving than now. People are flocking to the malls to buy last minute presents for their friends and loved ones, and kids are eagerly awaiting Santa’s

Your personality does not define you!

Never blame your shortcomings on your personality. You're not built that way; you are responsible of constantly rebuilding yourself and seeking perfection by finding your faults and overcoming them.

How many times have you gotten the answer “that’s just the way I am” when people are faced with a problem? Countless times, I bet! Better yet, it’s when you get the answer “I’m a Taurus!” And you probably brushed

Book Review: The Magicians trilogy by Lev Grossman

the magicians by lev grossman

What happens when Harry Potter meets The Chronicles or Narnia? Yep, you get The Magicians by Lev Grossman. In this trilogy which has been adapted as a TV series recently, we go along the journey of Quentin, a young adult

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Pity is Mostly Useless

People who deserve pity don't want it, and people who beg for pity don't deserve it.

My personal experience in counseling, teaching and volunteering to humanitarian causes has introduced me to a wide variety of people of all walks of life. One thing that almost all of them had in common was problems: some had family

What will 2018 be like for you?

2018 Tarot Forecast by Charbel Tadros

Just like last year, I’m going to share with you my tarot readings for the year 2018. Keep in mind though that these are not meant to tell your future, but merely to warn you and draw your attention to

Book Review: The Aliomenti Saga by Alex Albrinck

The Aliomenti Saga by Alex Albrinck

If I were to tell you that a book mixes a bit of the magic of fiction and the high technology of sci-fi along with a dash of time travel and history, you would think that there is a high

Life’s Beginning


A mystery to all men around How life spurred from the ground How light turned into matter And silence turned to clatter In the beginning there was none But in truth there was one In him everything existed From him

Givers by Nature

Humans are givers by nature. That's why it's easier to do something for another than for oneself. Try it, and you'll see what I mean.

It is a well known facts that we all love getting gifts; however, once we look closer, we will see that most of us love giving gifts even more. In addition to that, we love to help others, and when